Riverside Partners allows you to run effective mobile campaigns by utilizing the most precise geo-fencing technology in the industry.

Target mobile devices based on GPS locations or audience data points to reach your exact customer at any point in the purchase funnel.

  • Reach an audience on 10,000+ smart phone apps and mobile sites.
  • Increase engagement with custom mobile creative.
  • Create dynamic messaging that shows the distance to your physical location.
  • Measure the efficacy of mobile ad impressions using our proprietary Registered Showroom Visits™ walk-in conversion metric.

Targeted Opt-In Email

Riverside Partners Opt-in permission-based email lists deliver the best results in the industry. This means no more wasted advertising dollars on campaigns that don't exceed your desired goals. We deliver the performance our client's have come to expect.

Targeted campaigns are the key to successful online results. Our lists are enhanced with all the key demographics and lifestyle selects to get your offer to the most responsive consumers. By targeting those consumers that are most likely to buy your product or service. Riverside Partners lists deliver the highest return-on-investment of any form of direct marketing.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail Drops are the newest technology in the industry. Nobody is unreachable! With a 96% Open-Rate, Ringless Voicemails open a door to an entirely new means of communication. With the Ringless Voicemails the callee's cell phone or landline never actually rings, creating a new non-intrusive form of communication that is 100% FCC Compliant.

  • Our specialists will find active cell phones in your area to be processed by our servers
  • Simply Record Your Custom Message and it will be uploaded to the platform
  • Once data is uploaded and reviewed it will then be sent through the DNC to make sure the data is perfect. Ourservers will then start transmitting your RVMs.
  • You will have direct access to all of your data and analytics from your RVM campaigns in Real-Time.
  • Customers Arrive at Your Location for Their Appointments.

Brand Ambassadors

Riverside Partners, in conjunction with its partner, FAME Media, has an army of 10,000 Brand Ambassadors ready to promote your brand to the 18-30 age group. Campaigns leverage a proprietary student inḀuencer network to drive awareness via brand ads posted to inḀuencers' individual social channels (Instagram and Snapchat).

Activate an additional 10,000 sales people, nationwide, promoting to the entry level demographic on a pay for performance basis.

Social Media/Reputation Management

Riverside Partners stresses the importance of reaching customers where they frequent most, and leveraging powerful demographic and interest data afforded by the platform. The results have been predictably remarkable, with click-through rate increases as high as 200% over conventional mobile ads.

  • Set up social business profiles and usernames if no pages exist.
  • Create original and customized content.
  • Post and repost messages pertaining to the dealership and community engagement.
  • Pages will be monitored at all times.
  • Respond to all reviews, positive and or negative.
  • Update client on status of customer's opinions and loyalty towards the business.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Not all markets are the same, so we don't believe in cookie cutter campaigns. Riverside Partners takes a strong scientific approach to our building and optimization tactics, using proven statistical analysis to make our optimization decisions.

  • Mobile optimized ad copy
  • Comprehensive ad extension implementation
  • Optimization to any KPI; set goals and meet them
  • Conversion tracking
  • Irrelevant search query screening
  • Negative keyword matching
  • Broad match modification
  • A/B ad copy testing
  • Traffic quality by device
  • Strategic budget allocation
  • Landing page audits
  • Dayparting & time of day analysis

Dynamic Inventory Marketing

In 2009, Riverside Partners developed proprietary technology to connect SEM campaigns to your vehicle inventory feed, enabling you to deliver ultra-targeted and waste-free search campaigns that only advertise the vehicles you have in stock.

We allow you to customize campaigns to focus on specific criteria-based segments to drive auto shoppers directly to your VDPs.

  • Daily inventory feed generates thousands of keywords and ad text specific to your actual inventory
  • Reach a completely new audience searching for your in-stock inventory; capitalize on off-brand searches
  • Maximize your higher margin inventory or control volume by customizing focus
  • Track results by search engine, keyword and dealer stock numbers

Digital Audio

As content consumption shifts rapidly to mobile and connected devices, users are increasingly listening to, rather than viewing their content. Digital audio presents an unmatched opportunity for advertisers today due to strong engagement, high completion rates, and premium inventory virtually devoid of fraudulent traffic or low quality publishers.

  • True 1 to 1 engagement to the user; ads are on even when screens are not
  • Repurpose your current traditional radio messaging for consistent message delivery across multiple media platforms
  • 10,000+ digital audio players (live, podcast, simulcast, on demand) on mobile, desktop, and connected devices
  • Target by subscription, behavior, geography, demographic, category, device and more
  • Audio specific reporting KPIs including uniques, listen through rate (LTR), exposure time and companion banner impressions

Targeted Pre-Roll/True View

Youtube is the most familiar video player and our integration uses cost per completion pricing to assure you only pay for the ads that are not skipped. Target highly engaged in-market shoppers on desktop, mobile, connected TVs and gaming consoles.

Maximize your video production investments and television assets by serving your content in front of your local in-market audience online on countless web and in-app video players far beyond the reach of Youtube.

Targeted GMail Display

Through Google we can go target prospects in the market that are receiving emails from your competitors. We will serve them collapsed ads in their Gmail inbox. Once the collapsed ad is clicked, the expanded creative opens on the email pane, for 100% share of voice.

86% of people globally use email - more than any other type of daily digital activity. Drive awareness and inḀuence purchase decisions by delivering content and messaging where people keep coming back.

Targeted ROI

Through Google we can go after prospects in the market that have been shopping for your dealership brand or conquest vehicles that have not been to your website. We will serve them banner ads on the Google Display Network. The product is called In Market ROI - We will select from audiences to find customers who are in the market for your dealership brand or conquest vehicles, which means that they are researching vehicles on many different site and are actively considering buying a vehicle.

Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of each one of your marketing dollars will help you better understand the effectiveness of a particular marketing campaign. You will have better information, faster that will help you in determining your marketing budget and you'll be able to forecast how many new customers you will generate each month, year.


Monitor the performance of all of your campaigns in one place with up-to-date reporting for display, mobile, SEM, inventory marketing and video campaigns.

Your dealership meets big data. We're integrated with top web analytics platforms for a complete view of your marketing efforts. Track conversions, web analytics and post click performance for paid and organic traffic. Our dashboards are always included at no additional cost.

Unified reporting; demonstrated value. We've made monitoring campaign performance and reporting to your clients an easy process. Partnering with Riverside Partners gives you the ability to brand our proprietary reporting platform with your agency's logo. You'll get features that you and your clients need.

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